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New Olds : creative destruction

March 12, 2008

dampcity-recycledyarn-bulkywool-greyblue-closeA successful thrift store visit has made my stash 3 sweaters and one hand-knit scarf richer. The scarf is unraveled; it’s a bulky single-ply wool or wool blend, and I think there’s enough to make some kind of a vest. Or matching felted kitchen goodies like oven mitts and coasters? I tested, and it takes acid dyes well. [click on pictures for larger versions] dampcity-recycledyarn-rayonangora-red


The second lovely find is a brilliant red rayon/nylon/angora blend, which is half-unraveled, producing a single-ply heavy lace-weight yarn, which has an amazing sheen, drape, and softness. Maybe something lacy?



The third item, which I am VERY excited about, is a large, men’s 100% linen pullover. I’ve never worked with linen, and I can’t wait to try it – I’m thinking it might be right for the ‘Silk Camisole’ pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts [see knit and tonic’s version].




dampcity-recycledyarn-angorablend-pinkLastly, the ‘dog’ of the bunch is a wool/angora/nylon sweater, at quite a fine gauge. The fabric is actually not as soft as it could be, and a more pilled than I noticed when I grabbed it. But we’ll see, it could become something quite lovely, and the less precious I am with my recycled yarns, the more free I feel to go wild experimenting in the dye-pot. Maybe I’ll dye a bunch of smallish hanks into a rainbow, and then knit something striped, or hold yarns together for shifting color combinations.

Yummmmm… so many possibilities.

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  1. March 13, 2008 9:11 am

    Your yarns look beautiful!

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