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A Knitting Contest

April 27, 2012

Alexa and I have a bunch of exciting work simmering away, and we are stoked to tell you all about it.  Two new collections, magazine work, a new pattern release on the blog EVERY MONTH, and fabulous tutorials.  If you like our work, we invite you to sign up for email updates, so we can talk about knitting!

Inspiring our customers to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind knits is our passion.  Once or twice a month, we will send you inspirations: tutorials, free patterns, and previews of our upcoming books and events.
  We really want to hear what YOU think, and be available and engaged with our customers.

As a thank-you in advance for your valuable creative participation, we are offering a COUPON (for everybody) and a CONTEST (for a lucky winner).

What’s the deal with the COUPON?
Well it is 20% off all Tin Can Knits downloadable patterns and e-books (valid until end of May 2012).  You can browse our full pattern line on our website, and enter the coupon code at check-out.

And what’s the deal with the CONTEST?
If you like the designs we create, perhaps you would like to work WITH us, on a collaborative design project; starting with the sketch and the yarn (you pick the colour) and progressing through the stages of development to a finished piece of lace!

What do I WIN?

  • Enough lace yarn to complete a lace shawl or similar piece
  • Dyed into a colour chosen by you by our master dyer Alexa Ludeman of Gourmet Crafter yarn!  Check out her exquisite work.
  • Emily will get a skein of the same yarn, and we’ll work together to create a unique new design.  How will it work?
    1. Before we get the yarn dyed, we’ll talk about colour and what you want to achieve; what shape, what size, what kind of a lace pattern, etc.
    2. Then you will choose the colour, and when the yarn arrives we can start making swatches with the stitch patterns that you’re interested in using for the shawl.
    3. Once you’ve chosen a stitch pattern or two that work well, I will help you to combine them, and make charts for your pattern!We’ll both knit the shawl, and I will write up the pattern.
    4. In the end, if we think the finished design is lovely enough, we can decide together what to do with it; we could make it available as a free download, or sell it with the proceeds going to a charity of your choice.

Does this sound interesting?  When you sign up, you will have the OPTION to decide if you want to participate in the CONTEST for yarn & design support along with the discount code for Argos it comes with.  I want to work with people who are inspired by this idea, and who want to take on the challenge and gain the experience.  Please indicate on the sign-up form if you’d prefer not to be entered into the draw.

When will the Winner be announced?
The draw for the contest winner will be held on Friday, June 1st.  We will begin chatting about the design shortly thereafter, on a schedule that works for both of us!

SO don’t wait, sign up now, we are extremely excited to hear from you!

♥ Emily & Alexa

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  1. Julie permalink
    May 8, 2012 11:12 am

    Fabulous concept! I have an idea already :)

    • May 9, 2012 12:49 pm

      I think that designing is a huge thrill, and I want to share that with other people, because I think it is quite accessible.  I believe that with a little guidance, most knitters can develop a beautiful design!

      While the winner and I develop our collaborative design, I will be crafting a series of how-to blog posts documenting and guiding our design process.  So even if you aren’t my co-designer, you can follow along and work on your own design at the same time!  And I’ll be here to answer your questions, which help me create better and more effective tutorials.

  2. April 28, 2012 10:51 am

    What a great idea. Your concept for the contest is incredible.
    the gears in my mind are already starting to grind away ; )
    enter me while I go off to peruse the patterns you have already written I already have knit 2 of the gramps sweater and they look great on the boys.


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