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SPRING and New Things

May 7, 2012

The honest truth of the matter is that both Edinburgh and Vancouver can be GREY.  Alexa and I spend a good percentage of our lives under heavy clouds, sheltered by umbrellas (when the wind isn’t too strong), shivering against a damp cold.  We comfort ourselves with hearty soups, hand-knit socks and cultivate a somewhat sarcastic stoicism.

Now SPRING has come, and it brings with it many new things.

What’s on the horizon?

  • A new pattern by Alexa – will be launched this Wednesday!  Sign up for email updates to get a 20% off coupon!  Hint: it has to do with brand new adorable sweet and snuggly little things!
  • A New Lace Collection: Handmade in the UK
  • A CONTEST to win custom-dyed yarn and a collaborative lace design (this will be documented on the blog and form a series of tutorials, so everybody can follow along and learn about shawl design)
  • A new collection by Tin Can Knits – our most exciting project yet…  we will be announcing this in the next month, so stay in touch to get subscriber-only benefits!

With the arrival of spring, I rejoice that I no longer need to wear a toque and scarf and strap-on hot water bottle in my flat while I write blog posts and format patterns!  Yipeeee!  Also, the days are getting longer and longer – which means I can knit more!

Spring ::: Cleaning

As I began my new collection, I needed to do a major tear-down of my pinboard.  I took down all of last year’s swatches and sketches, to create a new clean slate for this years projects.

Spring ::: new life and colourful blooms

The park near my flat is called the Meadows.  It is a constantly changing scene of beauty and pleasure.  In the early spring it is carpeted in daffodils, and now it is adorned by blossom trees, making me nostalgic for the blossom trees that line Vancouver’s streets.

There is always something going on; students and hippies having bonfires in the evening, picnics on sunny afternoons.  Yesterday there were cricketers out on the green – in their whites they are still quite a novelty to me – it makes me smile and appreciate living here in this slightly foreign place.

What is happening this spring for you?  Do you have new projects and goals on the horizon?  Are there new knitting techniques that you want to tackle this year?  Let us know about it; we will add it to the list of things to blog about and tutorials to craft!

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