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Within – Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook

October 21, 2016


We don’t often review books on our blog, but I always make an exception for Jane and Shannon. I have been fans of both of them since the beginning and over the years we have become friends. Emily R and I make a trip to Victoria to visit almost every year and we always get together around Knit City for our annual coffee date! This year, at Knit City, Jane and Shannon launched their latest collection: Within, and I love it!

I know the point of the book is the beautiful knits, but I am always immediately struck by the photography. Island and Journey (and now Within) are among the very few print books I currently own, they are so beautiful to flip through and their photographic stories are just lovely.

Within has what I would consider some classic Jane and Shannon designs. The sweaters look like something I would like to knit, but also something I would like to wear. The accesories aren’t overly complicated, a relaxing knit with a fabulous result, I can’t wait to cast on the hat, Tread!

I have always loved Shannon’s textured shawls, and Hudson is no exception. I have knit the Laylow Shawl from Seasonless and I have a Bradway on the needles now. Each time she comes out with a new one I immediately fall in love (like, click-until-the-yarn-is-in-your-hands in love) and want to cast on!

Hudson, Bradway, and Amberle

Another great collection Jane and Shannon, bravo! I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Within soon and get knitting!




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  1. October 27, 2016 1:16 am


  2. October 22, 2016 6:49 am

    This book looks awesome!!

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