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Yellow for Jones

December 7, 2017

Jones is the only one of my kids with a strong colour preference. Hunter likes all colours in different shades at different times, and Bodhi changes her mind pretty regularly too. But Jones wants yellow. Always. If it’s not yellow, it’s not for him. So Jones got the yellow September sweater this year (details on all the September sweater here)!

Project Details:

Pattern: Strange Brew
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Arbor in ‘Klimt’
Size: 6-8 (Jones wears commercial clothing in size 6)

I knit Jonesie’s sweater last. I had begun with a clear idea for Hunter and a vague snowflake concept for Bodhi, but when I got to the third of my September sweaters (check them all out here) I was momentarily stumped. What to do… So after a little uncertainty I just did what we recommend in the Strange Brew pattern: just do it! I took the path of least resistance and used the pattern exactly as it is intended. I picked a few smaller scale motifs from those listed in the Strange Brew pattern and just followed the instructions. I worked short row shaping before my motifs. I worked a couple of patterns, a decrease round, a couple more patterns, another decrease round, a final pattern, a final decrease round, and then ribbing. Sometimes keeping it simple is just right, eh?!

I am so pleased with his sweater, I always love the look of small repeat Fair Isle. I designed the Tenderheart sweater this way, and the Dog Star sweater had only slightly larger motifs. I doubt I’m finished with the idea either!

Tomorrow will be all about Bodhi’s snowflakes!

For the love of simple Fair Isle:

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  1. Ruan permalink
    December 8, 2017 8:56 am

    my oldest likes yellow, anything for him is yellow. the middle adores red, she will wear other colours but somewhere she has on red, if its for her it must be red, the youngest is a green boy, bold but green, now I may add they are 24 21 and 20 now :-) but still have their colours! so glad I am not the only person with a yellow loving son.

  2. Susan permalink
    December 7, 2017 2:00 pm

    THAT smile is why we knit, right? Adorable, both the sweater and especially the boy!

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