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Rockfall Hat… and Turned Brims Forever!

October 14, 2021

If you like strong geometric colourwork, you’ll love the Rockfall hat. It’s the bite-sized companion to the intensely satisfying Rockfall Sweater, but with the same bold motifs.

Rockfall Hat Pattern
Is there anything cuter than a siblings peck on the cheek? Yes… kissing in matching colourwork hats!

You can knit a whole family of these hats as gifts, or simply knit one or two to trial your yarn and colour combinations for a matching Rockfall sweater.

Rockfall Sweater Pattern
The Rockfall sweater is the companion yoke design to this hat.

So Emily and Alexa… do you have some kind of odd obsession with turned brims?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Alexa and I LOVE to knit hats as gifts. But one thing we’ve discovered over a decade of knitting and designing is that head size and hair volume varies WILDLY. For instance, when my kid Max was two – I kid you not – he was wearing an adult SM hat. That kid has a big head (maybe a bit like his mum)!

Rockfall hat pattern.

So, what’s the answer to hat-sizing issues? How can you knit a hat to fit most anybody? Add a turned brim!

With a turned brim, it’s easy to adjust fit, whether you like your hats neatly rolled up, slouchy, or pulled right down over your eyebrows. We’re 100% convinced it’s worth the time it takes to knit that extra 2″ of ribbing.

Rockfall Hat Pattern

Are you planning to give knitted gifts?

I am slowly developing a serious love of gift knitting, especially for my kiddos – and it’s not for the joy that my gifts may (or may not) bring them. It’s all about the JOY I feel as I knit them, and the joy I get from appreciating my kids’ beauty, heightened by the beauty of my knits. If you’re ramping up for some gift-knitting, the Rockfall hat is a great place to get started!

A colourwork hat on ground. The hat is a purple-ish pink with mustard, pink, and white colourwork motifs.

This hat is a FUN knit. In fact, for me, most colourwork hats are REALLY playful and satisfying to knit. Yes, it can be annoying to pull out ALL the yarns to choose your palette, but it’s totally worth it as you watch the colours combine and the pattern form right under your fingertips. Then before you know it, it’s off your needles and onto somebody’s head!

Other colourwork hats you might enjoy

If you’ve got a craving to knit more colourwork hats (either as gifts or for yourself!), check out all our cozy caps. Click your favourite to get the pattern!


4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 20, 2021 4:31 am

    I have just begun my colorwork journey, after about four or five years of knitting, and I’m definitely going to be following some of. Your patterns! Beautiful Colorwork was the reason I wanted to learn how to knit in the first place. These patterns look great!
    In fact, one of your free sweaters was my first big project.

  2. courtneyrobinsonrn permalink
    October 16, 2021 7:47 pm

    These hats are beautiful! I seriously need to get into colorwork. I’ve done so many skills, but never colorwork. It looks really fun!

  3. Beth Blacksin permalink
    October 15, 2021 11:08 am

    Hi Tine Can Knits: I have a question about the world’s simplest mittens pattern. I have made this pattern many times. I now have some leftover lamb’s pride bulky from a sweater and would like to make matching mittens. As you are aware, this gage is 3sts/in. Do you think if i went up a size (from m to l), it would work for a medium hand? Or any other advice-if it’s getting different yarn, that’s ok too! Thank you, Beth Blacksin

    • October 17, 2021 11:48 pm

      Hi Beth – to knit the mittens on a thicker yarn, you will follow the instructions for a smaller size (rather than a larger one), because each stitch will come out larger, so less stitches are required to make up the width of fabric required. You can cast on a tube with the number of stitches that the pattern size you are guessing has (say, 1 size down?) and then knit that tube fore 2″, then see how it fits around your palm. If it’s too big, go another size down, if it’s too small, try a size up.

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