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A Trip to the Sweetshop

October 28, 2021
Sweetshop sweater pattern

Like an array of colourful candies laid out before your eager eyes, our newest yoke is reminiscent of a fondly remembered Sweetshop. There are so many delicious options for this sweater – all you need is a few of your favourite colours, and away you go!

Colourwork rookie or a seasoned pro?

This sweater is perfect for anyone looking to try their first colourwork yoke. The repeats are small, and there are a TON of palette options to choose from. You can try it with three, four, six colours, or more – as many as your little knitter heart desires! And if you’re an old pro, you’ll love Sweetshop, too. Emily and I have knit a LOT of yokes over the years, and we couldn’t get enough. We had so much fun choosing different colour palettes, and we both just wanted to knit another and another!

A white sweater yoke on the needles with 3 small swatches coming from it in 3 different colour combinations.
Having trouble deciding on your colour scheme? Try swatching on the needles! To try out my colour combos, I worked to the point of colourwork and then worked back and forth on a small section. Once I chose the winner, I ripped out the other swatches and carried on my merry way!

Pullover or steeked?

Sweetshop sweater pattern

Sweetshop is written with instructions for either a pullover or a steeked cardigan, and I can’t decide which one I like better! If you’ve never steeked a sweater before, check out our tutorial here. If you’re feeling EXTRA adventurous, see our tutorial on adding pockets.

How about a sweet little hat?

Need just a little bit more colourwork in your life? We’ve also got a matching hat! The Sweetshop hat is a fun, fast knit, and it’s the perfect way to try out your colour combination before jumping into a full sweater.

Soft and lovely Pishkun

4 skeins of yarn on a grey background. The skeins are a warm red, plum purple, golden brown, and peachy pink.

I knit the Sweetshop pullover and hats in The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Pishkun, a Montana- and Wyoming-raised Rambouillet yarn. It’s buttery soft, and I love the way it knits up in colourwork, with just enough stitch definition. It’s a bouncy, woolly yarn – perfect for a sweater that’s light, warm, and durable.

Bet you can’t knit just one!

Have you ever had a bit of knitting you just couldn’t put down…the phrase ‘just one more row’ on repeat in you head? We call this ‘potato chip knitting’ because it’s impossible to stop at just one! Sweetshop is definitely potato chip knitting. The colourwork is incredibly simple and satisfying, and there are only a few rows before the exciting addition of a new colour. I’ve been known to stay up late into the night, eagerly trying to finish one round, so I can start the next colour. With this yoke, you’re always only two rows away from a new hue…so be careful!

Once you have your own delicious Sweetshops done, share them with us on your favourite social spot. Use #TinCanKnits, #SweetshopSweater, or #SweetshopHat to join in the fun!


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  1. Olivia permalink
    November 1, 2021 5:24 am

    The little blondie is headed for a modeling agency 😉 pretty sweaters too!

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