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Butter Clam Scarf

February 26, 2008

Butter Clam Scarf

by Emily Wessel

ButterClamScarf-lacepatternThis scarf began as a swatch, and just kept growing. I love the way the lace pattern is tiny, simple, and geometrical, yet very textural. It is a perfect first project for getting comfortable with lace knitting motions, as well as with lace-weight yarn. The lace weight merino wool is very stretchy, and relatively thick [for a laceweight!], making it easy and forgiving to knit – perfect for a first lace project. Plus at $2.50, the project is unbelievably cheap!
5 1/2″ wide by 68″ (5′-8″) long

GAUGE: Gauge is not really important in this case, just start knitting the scarf and see if you like the effect.

NEEDLES: I used a US#2 circular needle, but swatch and you will see what you like, but note that smaller needles create more contrast between the ‘solid’ parts of the lace and the eyelets.

YARN: Knitpicks Lace Weight ‘Bare Merino Wool’ (880 yards/100 gram hank). This is the undyed version of their ‘Shadow’ Lace Weight yarn, which comes in lovely colors, and 50 g hanks (440 yards/50 gram hank). The scarf I knit used approximately 45 grams of my 100 g hank (this translates to 396 yards, and the scarf is quite long).

YARN COST: $2.50 (Knitpicks ‘Shadow’ is currently $2.50/50 g hank)


Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: edge stitch, *K2, yo, P1, P3tog, P2, yo* repeat to last 3 sts, K2, edge stitch
Row 4: Purl

ButterClamScarf-laceTO KNIT SCARF:

Cast on 46 stitches using twisted loop cast-on.
Knit 2 rows in Stockinette Stitch.
Work scarf in Shell Lace pattern for 130 repeats, or until desired length.
Knit 2 final rows in stockinette stitch, and bind off using suspended bind-off (or basic bind-off worked very loosely, perhaps using larger needles)
Block and enjoy.

Note: I knit a scarf that is 6 repeats wide, however, if you prefer a narrower, more delicate scarf you could knit 4 or 5 repeats instead.

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