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For the love of Knitters: Knit City

October 19, 2012

The fantastic ladies at Knit Social put on the most amazing event last weekend: Knit City. I was pretty excited for this event when I first signed up. Then the week before I was mostly nervous. Would anyone want to come to my booth? Would it be busy? Would it be slow? Would I have enough yarn and books? Not enough? It was the fear of the unknown!

Then the weekend arrived, and it was AMAZING! There were so many people but not just any people – the cultural centre was packed with knitters, and I think knitters are just great!


  1. They don’t mind when you bring a 7 week old to an event (in fact, they embrace it and knitters you don’t know carry your baby around all weekend)
  2. They wear their awesome knitwear with pride and I get peruse said knitwear to see what I would like to knit next.
  3. They love to talk about knitting! So many great people dropped by the booth and we talked about knitting. It was awesome.
  4. They really ‘get’ your obsession with knitting.
  5. They have interesting things to say about knitting and crochet (I’m looking at you Kim)

The show was a great success, and I made some new contacts.  Pretty soon you will be able to find our books while browsing the fabulous yarn selection at The Beehive Woolshop in Victoria, Baaad Anna’s in Vancouver, or order a great pattern / yarn combination from Valley Yarn, an online knit shop that carries some of our favourite yarn lines!

Despite the crazy-busyness I even managed to do a little shopping.  I brought home with some exquisite new colourways by SweetGeorgia and Jane Richmond’s new book – “Island” (I am so glad I asked her to hold a copy for me on Saturday morning because they were gone by Saturday afternoon!).


lions gate cowl  lumberjack socks  gramps cardigan

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