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How to Purl Two Stitches Together – p2tog

August 17, 2013

P2tog (purl two stitches together) is a simple decrease used for shaping in knitting patterns.  The technique and steps are exactly the same as when purling, except that you work into two stitches at the same time.

HOW TO WORK a p2tog :::

1. With working yarn in front, insert the right hand (RH) needle into two stitches at once, from back to front (in the same manner as when you work a single purl stitch).
2. Wrap the working yarn around the RH needle tip (in the same way as when you purl)
3. Use the RH needle tip to push this loop of yarn through both stitches at once, from the front of the work to the back, creating a new stitch on the RH needle.
4. Drop the 2 ‘old’ stitches off the LH needle

Working a p2tog decreases the stitch count, because you have effectively gathered two stitches together into a single stitch.

Similar decreases: p3tog (exactly the same, but working into 3 stitches at once)
Mirrored decrease: p2tog-tbl

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