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Pom Pom Christmas Party

December 4, 2015

PomPom Christmas Party 2015I LOVE Pom Pom Quarterly, and I’ve got a big designer-crush on the amazing women who created it: Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck.  They are a British + American design pair, who started Pom Pom in London in 2012.

A couple of years ago, when Meghan planned to move back to the US, we had a chat about my experience of running Tin Can Knits with an ocean between Alexa and I.  Their creative collaboration has clearly thrived despite the distance, as Pom Pom just seems to get better and better,  And of course, they throw great parties too!

Pom Pom Party December 11th, 5:30-9pm at Foyles

I was thrilled to be invited to the Pom Pom Christmas party for the past three years, but it has never been quite the right time to make the trek from Edinburgh down to London.  This year I was finally able to say YES, and I’m packing my bags with anticipation.  I expect London in the lead up to Christmas will be very exciting and festive!

What am I taking along?  The market is a little boutique affair, and I can only fit so much in my suitcase, so I will have a small number of books, including our newest: Great White North.  There’ll be some beautiful samples, luscious Rainbow Heirloom yarns including a special new exclusive kit, the Bounce Blanket, which is available now.

Bounce Blanket by Tin Can Knits

Max is a fan of rainbows… and loves to chew on Merino too!

This design is currently available exclusively as a Rainbow Heirloom kit, but fear not, it will eventually be available as a pattern from Tin Can Knits too!  Find all the details here.

Bounce Blanket by Tin Can Knits

Exclusively available now as a kit through Rainbow Heirloom yarns!

Any suggestions on what I should see while I’m in London?  Nina and I have all day on Saturday to shop, eat, drink, see art, and generally amuse ourselves… So we’ll be trying to pack it all in!  Last time I was there I enjoyed a visit to Liberty, bought fabric for my bridesmaids dresses on Goldhawk Road, and marvelled at the clock gallery in the British Museum.  Do you have a favourite exhibit?  Let me know in the comments, or get in touch on social media:

Tin Can Knits on FacebookTin Can Knits on Instagram Tin Can Knits on Twitter Tin Can Knits on Pinterest Tin Can Knits Email Updates Tin Can Knits on Ravelry

Lush Cardigan in RH Sweater

This is the Lush cardigan in Rainbow Heirloom sweater in ‘fav aunty’, one of the samples I’ve packed for the Pom Pom Christmas Party!  You can order a kit with the pattern and yarn here.

Adorable Ornaments from Tin Can Knits:

Little Socks by Tin Can KnitsFreeze ornaments by Tin Can KnitsFancy Balls by Tin Can Knits

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Jude Wicks permalink
    December 14, 2015 10:45 am

    Check out the Dennis Servers House at Spitalfields, better still pre book the candlelight tour. It’s one of the most original things to do in London, money back guarantee.

  2. December 9, 2015 2:00 pm

    Your projects are all so lovely particularly the baby blanket! Do you use interchangeable needles? I think they’d be great for this project. I just found a site that compares the range of interchangeables and was happy to see this online because I haven’t found it easy to find all the needles in the one shop to check them all out. The site is: Very handy and about time someone did this as these needles are really great. Thanks for your site: I love it!

  3. Elizabeth Anderson permalink
    December 6, 2015 11:24 am

    My London fav? Probably the Islamic art at the V&A. The ceramics and carpets are so beautiful I nearly wept.

  4. Bonney permalink
    December 4, 2015 12:24 pm

    I cannot wait to be able to get this pattern! I’d love the kit but it’s a little bit out of my price range.

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