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Hack: Sweet Sweet Ombre

December 20, 2016


Most knitters find choosing colours at least mildly difficult, and the more colours involved, the more challenging (or exciting!) things become. To take some of the stress out of multi-coloured projects, try using an ombre!  There’s something almost universally pleasing about a blend from one colour to another, so it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

Ombre is hot right now, in creative circles from to hairstyle and nails!  We’ve collected an entire board of ombre inspiration for your viewing pleasure.

How can ombre be used in your knits?

My lovely neighbour has 2 children and she is the most appreciative recipient of knits I have ever met. The type of recipient that gushes appropriately, puts the knits on her kids all the time, and introduces you as her ‘awesome knitting friend’. So, I’ve made a few hats for her kiddies over the years and Emmett requested a hat for his 3rd birthday. My lovely YOTH gradient had been calling to me for a LONG time so I busted it out for some sweet ombre. I hacked the Hipster hat, adding the ombre,  changing the decreases to knit decreases, and wearing the hat inside out. Adding the colour changes made this hat so much fun to knit!


How I hacked it:

I used YOTH Little Brother in 4 subtly shifting contrast colours and ‘sea salt’ as the main colour. Hunter was good enough to model it quickly before I wrapped it up! I just changed colours when I felt it was about 1/4 of the hat, I didn’t use an exact science (you can though, you need to add the rounds of ribbing, your row gauge x inches in the hat, and the number of rounds in the decreases. Then divide by the number of ombre colours you intend to use).


Ombre in Mad Colour

Our obvious obsession with ombre really came out in Mad Colour. We used ombre in a number of ways:

Undertone cowl, Awash stole, Chromatic sweater,  and the Bumble sweater all use an ombre of colours against a single main colour.

Marley uses a marled ombre of colours from purple through red, orange, and yellow, to cream

Marley uses a marled ombre of colours from purple through red, orange, and yellow, to cream

Use an ombre to pack some punch in a sweater yoke. It adds a little extra interest in fair isle like the Spotlight sweater or in a pattern stitch like the Wenlock sweater.

So many ways to use an ombre! So if you are having trouble figuring out that contrast colour range, try it out!

Hackalong with us this holiday

Join us in our holiday KAL, this year we’re doing something a little different; a Hackathon!  There’s a very special prize for the winner, but the true joy is participating, and challenging yourself to try something different by hacking one of our patterns!  Find our more in this blog post, knit along on our Ravelry Group, and share your knits on Instagram, Facebook or twitter with the hashtag #TCKhackathon2016

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TCK patterns calling for an ombre:








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  1. Olivia permalink
    January 23, 2017 5:38 am

    That top grey ombré blanket is gorgeous

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