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#TCKhackathon2016 Roundup

January 19, 2017

We LOVE LOVE LOVED your knits and entries for the #TCKhackathon2016 !

There were so many inspiring knits, beautiful projects. Thanks to everyone who participated! We really enjoyed chatting and watching your projects come together on the Facebook Group too! We’re going to keep that group alive and well so that we can run future knitalongs there; hopefully this is OK with the current group members, and if not, it’s easy to remove yourself from the group if you’re not enjoying it.

There were so many projects we loved, it was nearly impossible to choose JUST one.

But we had to pick somebody to get the SUPERPRIZE…

That said, we couldn’t send ALL the love to just one knitter, so we decided to add in some honourable mentions! These knitters will receive one TCK published single pattern of their choice:

honourable mentions:

  • weirdest, wildest, wooliest: hot water bottle cozy with Prism colourwork pattern by mgpetitelady,
  • go big or go home: gramps + fair isle hack by corynablasko and striped harvest with handspun by hippocamel, 3 striped raindrops pullovers for nieces
  • oh so cutesy: snowman mittens by corvid, polar bear flax by bumblebeebaby, hedgehog mittens by karlie, cat ear mittens by missfatbird
  • love your design talent: new yoke design (based on North Shore) by spirittrail, cable mittens by crochetpunhere, hand oven doubled mittens by carocvin, double lace mittens by ilovermyclover, Snowflake heel Rye Socks by heatheroconnell
  • our fav little project: barley with a horseshoe cable by thisfeministknits
  • yay for beginners: cable pattern on Rye socks by pleccii (her first sock, her first hack, her first Rav forum post Hurrah!
  • can’t really give her a prize (she’s an in-person friend), but love her epic hack: Rokay’s gramps + baaable mashup

There were really just too many fabulous hacks for us to share! Check them all out over on the Ravelry FO thread, surf the Facebook Group, and look at all the projects tagged #TCKhackathon2016 on Instagram. You may find, as we did, that some definite themes emerged.

People did LOVE hacking our free top-down sweater patterns; Flax and Flax Light:

And The World’s Simplest Mittens, our new free multi-gauge pattern, also got a LOT of play:

drum roll please!

The winner of the SUPERPRIZE, this was a favourite chosen by Alexa and I, was this lovely lacey Flax Light hack by hobbular!



This sweater pleased us because it took something simple and made it unique! The addition of a lovely lace pattern (credit to Adrienne Fong for the lace pattern) and beads made her Flax something all her own.

She will soon be receiving:


We love your subversive spirit!

We invited you to hack it, and you responded with an overwhelming YEAH WE WILL!

We had over 1000 knitters join our Facebook Group, and it was so much fun to see what you were all working on! We had nearly 300 official entries on the FO thread in our Ravelry group! Check them out to see the weird and woolly ideas people explored in this knitalong!

We’ve named 2017 the Year of Thoughtful Knitting, and will be exploring this theme through our projects, our knits, and knitters’ stories that inspire us. Looking back, the hackathon KAL definitely brought out those knitters who love to hack and design as they go, knitters after our own hearts!

Want to learn more about upcoming designs and special events like this KAL? Sign up for our email updates for knit inspiration!

Knitters favourite TCK patterns to hack:

The World's Simplest MittensFlax LightBarley Hat










3 Comments leave one →
  1. knittedblissjc permalink
    February 1, 2017 6:32 am

    Amazing, so many gorgeous knits!! What an awesome KAL.

  2. Sally permalink
    January 21, 2017 6:55 pm

    Love you guys, my son is coming to visit Canada next month from Australia, so as a relevant gift I made him an Antler toque to wear. It’s the first hat I’ve ever made, the pattern was beautifully written and easy to understand, many thanks.

  3. January 20, 2017 6:58 am

    All great hacks but a well deserved winner. I just looked at hobbular’s projects and her knitting is inspirational to a newbie like me.

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