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Emily Wessel

Hi! I’m Emily Wessel, I design fun-to-knit patterns and helpful technique tutorials. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband and two kids, where I like to run, knit, learn languages, and hang out with friends. I am co-founder and designer at Tin Can Knits -


  1. Olivia
    December 17, 2018 @ 4:10 am

    That white sweater is gorgeous

  2. Jane Cook
    December 16, 2018 @ 6:36 am

    I was very interested to see that you had hand knit and machine knit your sweater. Could you expand more on that. I have a bulky knitter and would like to use it with lopi wool to make my husband a cardigan.

  3. Marcia
    December 14, 2018 @ 10:34 am

    What Brand of knitting machine do you have or would recommend?

  4. Angela J
    December 14, 2018 @ 8:33 am

    Those grey yarns are wonderful, and make a beautifully subtle and highly contrasted mix with the cream.
    I have a wonderfully soft Jacb x grey fleece I’m spinning, you’ve inspired me to consider something similar with it……. I shall have to search for a good cream fleece to use with it, I might have just the right Border Leicester.

  5. lkvy
    December 14, 2018 @ 7:20 am

    What does your knitting machine look like? Did I miss the post?
    Also, I love the new sweater!

  6. Daryl
    December 13, 2018 @ 7:42 am

    I prefer self stripe or self patterned yarn and then I let the yarn do it’s thing so I don’t have to change colors and strand. I am not a fan of having to alternate colors when knitting. I like textures with various stitches and one color or variegated yarns. It’s not that I am not good with color, because I am great with color when it comes to making quilts and sewing bags. I guess more than one yarn (unless I am using up scraps) is just more tedious for me. Too many ends to weave in and I tend to strand too tightly, so my knitting doesn’t look so hot, but I am afraid of holes showing. I guess I never learned the art of using more than one color yarn very well. But that’s me. Your sweaters are always gorgeous!!!!

  7. Elizabeth Ann
    December 13, 2018 @ 7:31 am

    You simply amaze me! You produce these beautiful knots all the while raising children let alone A thriving business!!! I barely have time to think!
    Merry Christmas and thank you for all your inspiration!

  8. miss agnes
    December 13, 2018 @ 7:17 am

    Totally love the black & white interpretation, so chic.