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Rockfall…Falling in Love with Colourwork All Over Again

October 7, 2021

It’s official: colourwork yokes are my go-to for COMFORT knitting. And as autumn begins, I’m reaching for a little cozy comfort – which led me right back to the Rockfall sweater I created a couple of years ago. This particular design is so delicious that I couldn’t stop knitting it! I knit one for John and then made a matching sweater for myself. I also knit one for my mum, and I couldn’t resist making a teeny-tiny one for a beloved friend’s first baby – and it was all pure pleasure through and through.

With so much goodness to go around, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer; the Rockfall pattern is now available!

Rockfall Sweater Pattern
This is the Rockfall sweater that I made for my mom (with me modelling, before I shipped it off to Canada).
Rockfall features bold geometric motifs, and it looks great in rich colours.

Loving the knitting and knitting the love

Love of family and friends is knit into each and every stitch of this striking yoke. Even when I’m feeling far, far away from family (4,400 miles to be precise), it brings me joy to think of my mum wearing a sweater that matches mine while she cycles or paddles – or chases along behind my nephews through the forest trails of my childhood. And I smile when I see John reach for his Rockfall sweater on a chilly (summer) afternoon here in Edinburgh!

Rockfall Sweater Pattern
John’s Rockfall sweater features a deep, moody colour palette with a warm green to match his eyes.
Rockfall Sweater Pattern

Our theme this year is Knitting for Love, and I have to say Rockfall is the epitome of everything I love. It was a challenge to ‘get it just right’ when I first designed this yoke sweater for John, but I took so much joy from the process! Then there was the guilty pleasure of stealing John’s because it’s seriously the most COMFY thing ever. Then I thoroughly enjoyed the colourful process of selecting a second palette to make one for myself…because cheesy matching sweaters are a must (obviously)!

Rockfall Sweater Pattern
Rockfall Sweater Pattern
On this version of Rockfall, I worked an i-cord bind off instead of a ribbed collar. This option is included in the pattern, too!

Once I finished knitting all my love into my mom’s sweater, Alexa said it was time we shared the pattern! That meant grading Rockfall across our inclusive size range – from baby to big – and knitting a couple more teeny-tiny versions too, of course.

Rockfall Sweater Pattern
Rockfall Sweater Pattern
Alexa knit a newborn size in tones of heathery grey-blue, teal, olive, and white.
Rockfall Sweater Pattern
I knit a baby size with navy as the main colour, relying heavily on that vivid cobalt colour once more!

A fun knit with loads of resources

So what are you waiting for?! If you’re new to yoke sweaters, Rockfall is an excellent introduction because it knits up relatively quickly in worsted or aran weight yarn. And if you’re at a loss for colour ideas, you can check out the dozens of palette ideas I put together.

Since we released our Strange Brew colourwork collection years ago, we’ve been busy developing a long list of tutorials to help you with colourwork and yoke sweaters. Here are just a few:

I hope Rockfall brings you the same love and comfort it gave me – and I hope you’ll share your knits with us on your favourite social spot. Use #TinCanKnits or #RockfallSweater to connect with the TCK community!

~ Emily

Rockfall Sweater Pattern

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Joani Frenette-Cornell permalink
    October 8, 2021 3:29 pm

    Again, another stunning pattern! I’m still chicken to try a top down -:)

  2. Jess permalink
    October 7, 2021 11:58 am

    It’s a beautiful design… congratulations!

  3. Janice Moore permalink
    October 7, 2021 10:48 am

    what wool did you use for the baby sweater?

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