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Tin Can Knits App – Ravelry Link FAQ


If you’ve bought Tin Can Knits patterns on Ravelry, you can get them in Tin Can Knits app!

To take advantage of this feature you’ll need to link your Ravelry profile to the Tin Can Knits app. Here’s how to link them together – and the benefits.

Have you tried the free app yet? If not check out all the great details here.

Don’t use Ravelry? No problem. You still have access to patterns purchased through as soon as they are app enabled, and you’ll be able to sync your PDF patterns purchased from soon!

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Link to Tin Can Knits app

Why should I link up my Ravelry account?

If you’ve bought our patterns on Ravelry (now, or in the past) linking to Ravelry will allow you to check for patterns that are now in our app format. There’s no need to pay twice: if you’ve bought the pattern before you will have access to it in the app! You can also access Tin Can Knits PDFs you have stored in your Ravelry library.

For now, the patterns we’ve made available within the app is a short list (just the free Simple Collection patterns, Beloved bonnet and Snap hat) but over time the list will grow and grow! And if you’ve given our free app a try, you’ll probably see how this can make your knitting life at least a little bit more convenient.

App patterns are even better!

Why are app formatted patterns easier to use? You can select a size, yarn-weight, and options… then see ONLY the numbers and instructions that apply to you. Tap through (one instruction at a time) to keep your place. Get help on every instruction, and add notes as you knit! Learn more, and try our free app today!

Access your Tin Can Knits PDFs

We haven’t imported our entire back catalogue into the app (yet!), but if you link to your Ravelry account in the Tin Can Knits App, you can access your PDF format pattern purchases from INSIDE the app – so convenient!

Additionally, as we add new app-enabled patterns the past purchases you’ve made will be automatically added to your App pattern list!

How to Link to Ravelry in the Tin Can Knits App

There are two places you can make the link to Ravelry.

  1. In Patterns
    • Tap the Patterns button (bottom right)
    • Tap the Sync my purchases button (top of the screen)
    • Tap the Link to Ravelry button
    • Enter your Ravelry username and password within the embedded Ravelry login; then you’ll be returned to the app
  1. In the App Menu
    • Tap the Menu icon button (top right)
    • Tap the Ravelry Link button (near the top)
    • Tap the Link Ravelry Account button
    • Enter your Ravelry username and password within the embedded Ravelry login; then you’ll be returned to the app

Once your account has been linked to your Ravelry account, we will regularly check for new Tin Can Knits purchases you made on Ravelry. At any time, you can tap the Sync my purchases button to confirm your pattern list is up to date.

View your Tin Can Knits PDFs too!

As an added bonus, within the app you can now also view the Tin Can Knits PDFs that you have stored within your Ravelry library!

After you have linked to Ravelry, you will see two tabs within your patterns library – app patterns and ravelry PDFs. App patterns are in our app format – one size at at time. Ravelry PDFs are what you’re already used to! Tap that button to explore patterns and collections you’ve purchased from Tin Can Knits over the years.

Troubleshooting the Ravelry Link

There are a few reasons you may not see what you’re expecting!

I bought patterns, but they’re not showing up in my library…WHY?

You haven’t added them to your library

If you buy a pattern on Ravelry, while logged in, the pattern is automatically added to your user library as part of the purchase.

If you buy a pattern on Ravelry without being logged in as a Ravelry user, you will get a purchase confirmation email from Ravelry. This will allow you to add your purchase in to your Ravelry library.

When you buy a pattern on, you must add it manually by tapping the ‘Add To Ravelry’ button in the Order Confirmation email that you get after each pattern or ebook purchase. See our in-depth how-to, or follow the steps outlined below.

Click the ‘Add to Ravelry Library’ button in the confirmation email.
If you are not logged into Ravelry click the ‘Sign in button’
If you are logged in you’re ready to go!

You linked the wrong user account

If you have more than one Ravelry user account, you may have linked the wrong account. Where possible, it’s best to keep a single account, because that keeps things simple. However, if you have a reason to work with multiple Ravelry user accounts, maybe you linked to an account which doesn’t own the Tin Can Knits pattern you’re looking for.

You can only be linked to a single Ravelry account at a time.

You’ll need to unlink from the Ravelry account, and re-link to your other account; here are the steps:

  1. Open the Menu by tapping the icon in the top right of the screen
  2. Tap the Ravelry Link button
  3. Tap the Change Ravelry User button –
    • this will launch the window to allow you to log in as a different user account
    • on the Ravelry window, tap the tiny text that says change ravelry user
    • this directs you to your Ravelry home page, where you must tap your user icon in the top right to open the menu, then tap sign out
    • finally you will be able to log in with your correct ravelry username
  4. When you return to the app, unfortunately the app lost the plot a little in all your clicking around…so you will get an error message. But don’t worry – just tap Sync my purchases button > Link to Ravelry, and you’ll now be able to tap the Authorize button on the Ravlery screen.
  5. Woot! Now you’re connected to the correct user account.