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Sweater Techniques Series – Gramps Baby Cardigan – 1/6 – Introduction

February 23, 2012

Learn to knit a Sweater – Quickly :

Gramps Cardigan

Gramps – adorable outerwear for your grouchy little old man – by Emily Wessel

Knitting a baby sweater is the perfect way to learn all the sweater techniques that would be necessary to knit an adult sweater, in a fraction of the time, and with a hopelessly adorable result! Our Gramps cardigan is a perfect example, for while it is a relatively simple design, its simplicity requires a good number of intermediate knitting techniques such as: provisional cast-on, increasing and decreasing stitches, pattern reading, knitting in the round, picking up stitches (both along an edge, and in the middle of the fabric), short-row shaping, buttonholes, and some methods of seaming / finishing.

This seems like quite a long list of techniques to be required for what appears to be a relatively simple sweater. This may seem quite daunting; but these techniques are the same that are required in most sweater knitting, and if you take them step-by-step, each is quite simple and easy to accomplish.

Gramps Cardigan:
adorable outerwear for your grouchy little old man

There is no better way to learn than doing – so download a copy of the pattern, grab your needles and yarn, and follow along as we explain everything in a clear, step-by-step manner. If you have questions, we hope you will post your comments, or email me and I’ll make every attempt to incorporate answers to your questions into this tutorial.  If you subscribe to our blog by email (see right-hand sidebar), each step of this tutorial will be delivered to your inbox as it goes live!

The Gramps Cardigan tutorial is created as a series of 5 illustrated posts, clearly explaining each of the techniques required to knit the Gramps Cardigan.

  1. Beginning your Sweater: Yarn and needle selection, knitting a gauge swatch, Understanding knitting pattern schematics.  [Post HERE]
  2. Top-Down Sweater Construction: Yoke: Provisional cast-on, Pattern Reading, and Increasing & Decreasing stitches to form Yoke [Post HERE]
  3. Top-Down Sweater Construction: Body & Arms: Separating sweater at the Underarm, casting-on stitches using backward loop method, and knitting in the round [Post HERE]
  4. Shawl Collar and Button Band: Picking Up Stitches along an edge, Short-Row Shaping, Buttonholes, Binding off in Pattern [Post HERE]
  5. Finishing Touches: Working Patch Pockets – Picking up stitches in the middle of knitted fabric, seaming, elbow patches [Post HERE]

Ravelry.comGramps Cardigan on is a fabulous community and resource for knitters and crocheters all over the world.  On Ravelry can check out the Gramps sweaters that other people have knit, read their suggestions, and see what yarn and colour combinations they chose.

For Knitting Teachers

This material is also intended to be useful to those who teach knitting. If you are a shop owner who runs knitting classes, and would like to use this tutorial for instruction, you are welcome to download the .pdfs and use them free of charge in your teaching activities. Tin Can Knits wholesales books and single leaflet patterns to knitting shops in Canada, the USA and the UK, if you are interested in carrying our products, please contact us.

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  1. Nastic permalink
    October 16, 2013 11:56 pm

    Can you tell me what’s name of green color?
    I don’t know where you use ” twig ” and ” grove” color


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