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Neve’s Quilt and #trianglesaresohotrightnow

May 18, 2017

It looks like I’ve been sharing a lot of sewing projects this May, because I’ve been so inspired by #memademay and #minimemademay. But hey, as a designer I’ve gotta play!

Neve Triangle Quilt

This quilt was a long time coming. When I was pregnant with Neve, I was obsessing over triangle quilts (to avoid a similar fate, don’t surf this hashtag). I read the tutorial for the Purl Bee Modular Blocks quilt and thought… holy shit, triangles are so EASY… what am I waiting for?! So what felt like a few minutes later I found myself in a fabric shop and bought my first ‘charm pack’ in an amazing rainbow of textured solids. Let me say, for a beginner quilter like me these pre-cut 5” squares are THE BOMB. I got to skip what I find one of the more boring steps (cutting out) and get straight to the goods!

I chose a coordinating yellow for the MC, rather than white or grey which are my go-to main colours, especially when working with a rainbow. I had heard colour genius Kaffe Fassett speak, and he explained how he liked to pair colours, rather than setting them against white or black, because of the way the colours interact and intensify each other. So I went for yellow to see what would happen. I cut as many squares of the MC as I had of CC (42), then paired them up, always one CC with one yellow MC). Then I made them all into triangle blocks, chain piecing them which made it go really quickly. Then I was on to the most fun part; choosing a layout! During a kid (and cat) free moment I laid out a few options.

While I was strongly drawn to the random one, I decided that this quilt wanted to be a bit more simple, clear, and geometric, so I went with the one that looks a bit like flying geese. I guess it’s a little like the Fly Away blanket which I designed shortly after Max was born.

Neve Triangle Quilt

Add it to the pile! I made the quilt on the left when Max was born, and the Tunisian crochet blanket last year. The kids’ room is getting pretty cozy!

Neve Triangle Quilt

Happy Birthday Darling! I also made Neve’s onesie from of a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that I found at a thrift shop. I used this free pattern by Shwin & Shwin.

I had intending to make this quilt before Neve was born, but you know how these things go! A couple weeks before her first birthday I was wondering what gift John and I could give her (she’s 1, she doesn’t care). I decided that a deadline was what I needed, and pulled out the supplies for this quilt. I finished it up and even hand-stitched her name on it, all in time for her to open it on the day! This is a pretty impressive feat, as I’m infamous for wrapping up half-finished things (and then, ahem, sometimes NEVER finishing them…). I can’t be the only one, right?!

Neve Triangle Quilt

I chose a lovely batik which I had been saving for years as the backing fabric. I took the top and backing down to the fabric store to select the perfect edge colour. Then I used this tutorial to make the double fold binding, which was time-consuming but made an exquisite finish.

Neve Triangle Quilt

This quilt currently lives on the floor in the dining room, where she has her milk in the mornings and afternoons these days


Obviously Alexa and I have been on a bit of a triangle binge these days. And you know it’s not just us; triangles are taking the design world by storm! Check out some of my favourite triangle designs and projects on Ravelry.

More TCK triangles:








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  1. Erin permalink
    May 22, 2017 7:17 am

    Neve is incredibly adorable and the quilt is seriously beautiful – but what really impressed me and my mother (both of us sew) is the stunning job Emily did cutting up that t-shirt to make the onesie. Way to GO, lady – WOW! Very impressive work.

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