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Round and Round the Carousel

December 2, 2021
woman wearing a sweater with geometric colourwork at yoke and cuffs
Francine is wearing a Carousel sweater with colourwork cuffs, but you can skip this optional detail if you prefer.

With its crisp, sparkling pops of vivid contrast, our new Carousel sweater reminds me of a vintage fairground attraction, all bright lights and eye-catching shades. Perhaps there are too many colours and shapes going on all at once – fun but a bit frenetic. Honestly, though, this colourful, kicky little yoke sweater is a joy to knit and to wear!

child in a colourwork yoke sweater with triangle and square motifs
Neve is wearing the 2-4 year size, which uses fewer colours (four rather than six) but is just as much fun!

I love knitting round and round on these colourful yokes, watching the crisp little geometries form under my fingertips. I’m always curious to see what the next colour combination and motif will bring. I especially love wearing Carousel around the house and seeing the way the ornately decorated cuffs dance while I type, knit, or carefully stir the spaghetti sauce (gasp…risky business!).

detail of a colourwork cuff

Sized for all!

Like most of our patterns, Carousel is sized from baby-to-big. In the littlest sizes, newborn through to 2-4 years, the design only calls for a total of four colours – one main colour (MC) and three contrast colours (CCs) – making it more accessible for knitters who are new to colourwork.

Carousel sweater pattern
The adult sample has more contrast and ‘pop’, while the toddler sweater is more muted. Which do you prefer?

Start (and maybe finish?) with a swatch hat!

We get it…not everybody wants to knit yoke sweaters. And those who do often like to start with a swatch hat – I know I do! So we’ve created a sister hat design. Meet the Carousel hat!

Not ready to commit to a yoke sweater? Try the matching Carousel hat instead!

So. Much. COLOUR!

Carousel completes the range of new colourwork knits we released this autumn, so if you like this one, be sure to check out the Sunshine sweater and hat, Rockfall sweater and hat, and Sweetshop sweater and hat. Of course, you can always travel back to the beginnings of our colourwork obsession with the Mad Colour and Strange Brew collections.

And if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all this colourwork, stay tuned. We’ll be bringing you more of our signature simple and textured knits in the coming year…I promise!

~ Emily

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  1. Meredith Coelho permalink
    December 4, 2021 9:05 pm

    Love it!

  2. December 2, 2021 7:08 am

    Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

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