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Share Tin Can Knits this Christmas!

December 17, 2013

Sometimes it’s not easy to feel inspired, if you’ve left your holiday shopping to the last minute (I really should be shopping right now… not writing this blog post…!!!).

To help you out of this sticky situation, Alexa and I put together a list of fabulous gifts for a knitter (or potential newbie) near and dear to you.  It doesn’t have to be pricey to be special – our suggestions range from free to flamboyant.

Completely Free but Totally Awesome Knit Gift ::: Perfect for a friend, daughter, or niece who might like knitting, when you’re skint!

  • pick a skein of yarn from your stash (OK, this isn’t technically free, but I bet you have one that you won’t miss).
  • print out a copy of the Wheat Scarf, Barley Hat, or Oats Cowl (or all three!) from our excellent free learn-to-knit series, The Simple Collection.
  • loan a set of your needles to him or her to use for their first project.
  • make a special card that reads: “this entitles the bearer to free knitting lessons… and I’ll even cast on for you and fix your mistakes!”
  • Wrap it all up in the weekend funnies, and you’re good to go for not much dough!

Low Cost but High Value gift that all knitters will love ::: give a Tin Can Knits ebook!

With a good number of patterns, most of which are sized from baby to big (0-6 months to a 58″ chest), our ebooks offer tremendous value.  So many knitters have told us “I want to knit EVERYTHING in this book!”, so we’re confident your knitter will find something they love!

  • For beginner to intermediate ‘jack of all trades’ knitter ::: we love Pacific Knits
  • For your knit mentor who is crazy about lace ::: they will salivate over Handmade in the UK
  • For the expectant mom (or grandmom!) who can’t wait to meet the new little monkey ::: 9 Months of Knitting!

Not sure how to ‘gift’ an ebook?  Pop onto (you don’t have to sign up, but it’s free, and fabulous, and full of AMAZING knitters and patterns… so why not?), pick out a pattern or ebook, and look for the little gift box icon that says ‘send as a gift’, and click it!

The Most Epic present that you can give a knitter ::: an Interchangeable Needle Set

I was introduced to knitting by my favourite creative and crafty aunt (thanks!).  For Christmas, at 12, she gave me an interchangeable needle set, so that I wouldn’t ever have to make the painful decision of whether to buy yarn or needles with my babysitting money!  Eventually I upgraded to an even nicer set of interchangeables, but she had set me on the path to world (knit) domination, and for that I will be forever grateful.  We’d suggest you try your local yarn store first, so you can peruse the options in person, but if you’re shopping online, check out Webs, Jimmy Bean’s Wool, or Purl Soho.

  • ‘cashmere option’ – Addi Click
  • ‘merino option’ – KnitPicks / Knitpro / Hiya Hiya

Do you have any AMAZING gift ideas for knitters?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!  I’m always looking for excellent gift ideas for Alexa…  And if you don’t already get our email updates, you should sign up now… you don’t want to miss the exciting christmas gift we’ve got wrapped up for you… (spoiler alert!)

Other patterns that would be great for gifting…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Cindy Johnson permalink
    December 17, 2013 9:56 pm

    A nice project bag, sundance catalog has a nice leather bag I have my eye on

  2. Erica permalink
    December 17, 2013 8:11 pm

    A handcrafted yarn bowl! I have a few from one specific maker and she custom makes them to be perfect for the recipient.

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