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February 4, 2016

Inspired this year’s theme ‘Learn Something New‘, we are running the #TCKnewtricksKAL right now in our Ravelry Group.  I am excited to announce the KAL prizes today!  There will be 3 winners, two chosen by random number generator, and the third will be Alexa’s choice for the best project or most beautiful photo!

Participate in our KAL for a chance to win one of these lovely skeins!

Participate in our #TCKnewtricksKAL for a chance to win one of these lovely skeins from Rainbow Heirloom!

  • Winner #1: One skein of Rainbow Heirloom Twinkle Light in ‘driftwood’ plus a Tin Can Knits pattern of your choice!
  • Winner #2: One skein of Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light in ‘orchid’ plus a Tin Can Knits pattern of your choice!
  • Winner #3 (Alexa’s choice): One skein of Rainbow Heirloom Solo Light in ‘cherry’ plus a Tin Can Knits pattern of your choice!

It’s been a busy week for me, and so my project for the KAL hasn’t found its way to completion as I had hoped!  It’s looking about the same as it did last week.

Of course, other knitters have been more prolific!  34 participants have already completed their projects, and 190 knitters have joined in the chat on the #TCKnewtricksKAL chat thread.  Cables, lace and colourwork are popular ‘new tricks’ to learn, and lots of folk are making gather hats & cowls (learning how simple smocking is) too.  Check out a few of the finished projects below!

join the #TCKnewtricksKAL now!

Wanna Play?  There’s still most of February to take this opportunity to learn new tricks, and join a fun community of knitters.  Maybe you don’t have time to tackle a fair-isle sweater, but I bet you have time for a hat with a new technique!  Join in here.

what do will you learn or try this year?

At a loss for what to try?  We’ve got a suggestion (or 50!) for projects to help you learn something new:

Lace? Gothic Lace Cowl / Scarf (free)… or one of our other lovely lace designs.
Socks? Rye Socks (free)… or something more elaborate.
Cables? Northward Hat, Antler Toque (both free!)… or try one of our many other cable designs.
Bobbles? Winterberry Blanket… and read our how to knit a bobble tutorial!
Grafting Garter Stitch? Try the Lowlands Hat!
Pinhole Cast-on? Try the Vivid or POP blankets.
Colourwork?  Try the free Clayoquot Toque… and learn more about how to knit stranded colourwork.
Steeking?  Make a Clayoquot Cardigan for you or a little one!
Garter Tab Cast-on?  Make a Sunflower or Photosynthesis Shawl (and check out our tutorial).
Hacking a pattern (to make your own design!)?  Start with the Flax pullover, Harvest Cardigan, Barley hat or Rye socks… then go wild!

Or maybe it’s just a simple technique you’d like to add to the repertoire?  Learn to read charts, block a sweater or a lace shawl, knit in the round using the magic loop technique, or start a centre-out project using the pinhole cast on method.  Alongside our in-depth project based tutorials, we’ve got a pile of great technique tutorials, for the full list browse our website HELP! page.

Great learner projects from TCK:

POP blanket by Tin Can KnitsFlax Light by Tin Can KnitsClayoquot Cardigan by Tin Can Knits

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