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Year of Making

February 2, 2017

I have undertaken a new project this year, called Year of Making. I actually started in December, so you may have seen some posts in my Instagram Stories feed tagged #yearofmaking. I was inspired to do this by the #yearofmaking projects done by Miriam Felton and Kim Werker; learn a bit more about their take on it on Kim’s podcast here.

One of the larger projects I worked on since I started the #yearofmaking project was these dolls, made for my kids and nieces and nephews this Christmas

One of the larger projects I worked on since I started my #yearofmaking project was these dolls, made for my kids and nieces and nephews this Christmas

The idea, or the one that I’m running with, is to make something every day, and to document that daily. I’m taking a quick photo (trying not to worry about pretty pretty), and keeping daily notes. I’m not sure whether this will change my habits as a maker, or whether it will simply be a documentation of the making that I was already doing. When my work days include a lot of computer time, writing, layout, editing, website building and the like I sometimes feel like my job is all work and no play (there’s never enough knitting!). By documenting my day-to-day making that I am in fact doing, I hope to recognize that this is not the case, and perhaps be inspired to insert a little bit more making into each week. I’m really not sure what I will get out of the exercise, but it’s something that I want to try.

Ambitions, hopes, and ideas for this project? I usually have too many!

  • try new vegetarian recipes (cut a bit of the meat out of my family’s diet)
  • more recipes which involve PASTRY (nom nom)
  • complete some sewing WIPS (so I can start new projects)
  • sew BAGS, coats, trousers, shirts, …
  • do more block printing (I took a fabulous class last year and got started)
  • focus on the kids handmade wardrobes again this spring in Mini Me Made May
  • do more art and cooking with Max (he’s 2.5 now, and interested in making things)
  • complete some lingering knitting WIPS
  • perhaps try knitting only 1 project at a time, to see if I can be more of a completionist!
  • illustrate a book for Max and Neve
  • drawings for cards
  • finish a couple of quilts; hand quilting

… and I’ve got way more, really, but let’s just start there!

Rules? No rules, really

I am considering anything that I make, physically, an act of making for the purposes of this project. Dinner, baking, a few stitches on a knitting project, a drawing, play-dough creatures made with Max, etc. I am hoping this project might expand my view of myself as a maker to include the things I create which are outside of my ‘knit box’. I don’t know what, if anything, will come from this project, but it has already inspired me to try out a few new recipes, techniques, and projects beyond what I would normally have taken on. And it has made me happy and given me more pleasure to consider some of the mundane day-to-day responsibilities (ie. cooking) as creative making, and an opportunity to play with Max too.

A few of my ‘making’ projects so far:

You’ll probably see quite a bit of cooking included in the items I can share publicly, because a large amount of my knitting is for new designs, which we usually can’t share until they are published. I’ll be sharing some of my photos and projects on Instagram and more regularly on our Instagram Stories feed, so check there if you’d like to follow along with what I’ve been making! Or start your own #yearofmaking!

Do you have a project for this year?

The beginning of a new year can be an opportunity for new ideas, plans, visions and excitement. This year at Tin Can Knits we’re exploring the reasons why we knit, and considering 2017 a Year of Thoughtful Knitting. We hope to share knitters’ stories, and explore the ways in which our shared craft brings people together, expresses love, gives comfort, and brings us happiness and joy. I hope the coming year will be full of knits and full of joy for you and your loved ones.

Some TCK knits I’m planning to make this year:

Polygon by Tin Can KnitsWindswept by Tin Can KnitsPrism by Tin Can Knits


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  1. Kelly permalink
    February 13, 2017 10:17 am

    working on the Caribou cardigan as well as finishing a quilt…

  2. February 3, 2017 12:33 pm

    My first plan was a sweater for new babe. Of course I went to gramps for the hack! Here’s my finished sweater.
    Motif is from Island Flowers

  3. Bronwyn permalink
    February 2, 2017 4:18 pm

    That is such a wonderful idea! That is exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a name for it and I really didn’t fully commit to it, but NOW I get it!

    I’m IN!

  4. AnitaJ permalink
    February 2, 2017 12:43 pm

    You have such a good attitude about making things. I wonder how you accomplish so much with 2 little ones? I love those dolls!

  5. Greta permalink
    February 2, 2017 9:44 am

    I love that idea! A few years ago I got a lovely calendar from Knit Picks, and documented the start, and finish of all the knitting projects — at the end of the year I was impressed with 78 completed, which is not bad for a full-time worker with part-time work on the side! I have begun that again this year, but also trying to add a bit more detail, like abandonment and why, and purchases of knitting-related ‘stuff’. A blog might be fun, just for me to keep track with pictures. Hmmmmmm…..

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