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Love Note For Littles

February 27, 2020

It has brought me so much joy to see ALL the Love Note sweaters, on Ravelry, on Instagram, and in person at Knit City. So many beautiful combinations of yarns and colours, on all different bodies too!

Many people in the same lace yoke sweater.
This was only Day 1! It was a heart warming experience to see all the beautiful Love Notes wander by the booth!

Love Note is not just for grown ups!

While our initial concept was definitely a grown up party sweater (you can read all about Emily’s sweater inspiration here), there’s no need to keep all the fun for ourselves! Love Note is ultra cute on kids too. I knit these two for Bodhi and her buddy Liv and they couldn’t have been more adorable picking flowers in the field!

Love Note Pattern

Bodhi was so smitten with her Love Note she has requested mittens that are “as soft as my pretty hairy sweater” (kid descriptions are the best). Check out the mittens that resulted from this request!

2 balls of yarn, one purple mohair, the other white with speckles next to a sweater laid flat.
La Bien Aimee Mohair in ‘PB&J’ and Singles in ‘neon static’

While knitters have made Love Notes in all manner of yarns, we knit up the originals and these wee ones with a strand of mohair held together with a strand of single ply fingering weight yarn.

These magical little sweaters took 1 ball of each, the single and the mohair. I made them both using skeins of beautiful La Bien Aimee yarns I couldn’t resist when we visited Aimee in Paris last year. Liv’s is made using ‘neon static’ for the single and ‘PB&J’ for the mohair. It’s amazing how the layering has made a completely new colour!

Love Note pattern

Bodhi’s Love Note is ‘rust’ on ‘rust’. Same or similar-colour tonal combinations are a ‘sure thing’ if you are worried how a more adventurous combination would come out. Learn more about blending with mohair in this post, Emily made about a million swatches to demonstrate the painterly beauty of layering colours!

Love Note Pattern

I recently cast on a Love Note sweater for Hunter too (she couldn’t miss out on all the fun!). This one is made using Hedgehog Fibers in the colourway ‘beach bunny’ for both the mohair and the single. It has a lovely wild quality layering a speckle on a speckle.

2 balls of blue speckled yarns next to a coffee cup and knitting that is only a few rows in.
Love Note Pattern

Do you knit for any little ones in your life? What are your favorite type of kid patterns to knit?

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  1. Bindy in Australia permalink
    March 5, 2020 1:22 am

    Oh, I love Liv’s little purple “Love Note”. I’m keen to knit your Penny for myself this year, but think my daughter would really like one too.
    We’re having some problems with ‘clickiness’ with my daughter and some friends at the moment. (Meaning that the girls are playing favourites with some friends and excluding others: Not sure if ‘clicky’ is just as Australian term or not). I LOVE the idea of making similar sweaters for my daughter and a friend we’re trying to be more inclusive of, as a way of showing care and connection. Great idea!

  2. February 27, 2020 3:56 pm

    Ugh. You guys are killing me! I’ve got a ton of TCK patterns in my library & a ridiculously long list of TCK & other patterns I want to knit up, so I’ve held off getting the Love Note pattern. But, everyone keeps posting pics of their Love Notes & I’ve giving up my fight. I’m buying the dang thing now & pushing everything else on the to-do list aside. I hope you’re happy.

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