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  1. Bindy in Australia
    March 5, 2020 @ 1:22 am

    Oh, I love Liv’s little purple “Love Note”. I’m keen to knit your Penny for myself this year, but think my daughter would really like one too.
    We’re having some problems with ‘clickiness’ with my daughter and some friends at the moment. (Meaning that the girls are playing favourites with some friends and excluding others: Not sure if ‘clicky’ is just as Australian term or not). I LOVE the idea of making similar sweaters for my daughter and a friend we’re trying to be more inclusive of, as a way of showing care and connection. Great idea!

  2. Samina
    February 27, 2020 @ 3:56 pm

    Ugh. You guys are killing me! I’ve got a ton of TCK patterns in my library & a ridiculously long list of TCK & other patterns I want to knit up, so I’ve held off getting the Love Note pattern. But, everyone keeps posting pics of their Love Notes & I’ve giving up my fight. I’m buying the dang thing now & pushing everything else on the to-do list aside. I hope you’re happy.